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Company Culture

Company Culture

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Become leader of new material


1. become a respected public company
2. create value for customers
3. maintain effective growth and sustainable development

Meaning:Wisdom is the basic to go far away and innovation is the way for sustainable development.

It is the talent of the warp and weft that reaches all over the worldInnovation is the gene given at birthIntegrating the wisdom of all parties as the source of innovation (upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, various research institutes)

Company Culture


Interpreting Orinko LOGO

Innovativing material, serving

1. Innovation is the gene that has been given since the company was born
2. Innovation is built around and focusing on customer needs
3. Innovation improves product strength, promotes value for customers, and serve customers


Original Intelligence Keep On-新葡京55388



Customer is the purpose
Agrressive is the spirit
Innovative is the gene
Pragmatic is the style
Cooperative is the basis