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Development Path

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Market Expansion

100,000 tons of domestic first-class automotive modified materials intelligent production plant completed and put into operation 

Certain Scale Shaped

HWon the title of the most innovative enterprisePostdoctoral research station, innovation pilotStrong into the industry third

Effective Growth

Continue to focus on automobile, household appliances, engineering materials three major industries

Initial Trial


Company registration, formally into the field of modified materials

Base Layout

Anhui hefei industrial park laid the foundation

Multi-base operation

Completed the shareholding system transformation and established Orinko Advanced Plastics Co.,LTD; At the same time, the first phase of chongqing factory 50,000 tons of base put into use

Innovation platform

Orinko Shanghai research institute put into operation to build a world-class research and development center


Over 50% compound growthNational high-tech enterprisesInto the automotive materials modification industry

Early Development 

Anhui hefei industrial park completed and put into operation