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Orinko Advanced Plastics Co.,LTD

Address : No.2,Luhua Road,Boyan Science Park,Gaoxin District,Hefei
Postal Code : 231202
Tel : 0551-65770518 / 0551-65771661


About Orinko

Orinko provides customers with overall materials solutions.

Orinko Advanced Plastics Co.,LTD-新京葡娱乐场www2977

Orinko Advanced Plastics Co.,LTD  is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of modified materials. We provide a full range of products including modified polystyrenes, polyolefins, polyesters, and polyamides to offer our customers with overall material solutions.


We are headquartered in Hefei, and currently have two production bases in Hefei and Chongqing. We have built a domestic first-class intelligentized production plant for modified materials. Annual output exceeded 300,000 tons and sales exceeded 200,000   tons.



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When we understand the unity of micro and macro, we become more aware of the significance of materials for humans. We know that modified materials have the power to change the world. Therefore, we focused on materials technology and focused on the research, development and production of high-performance modified materials.-新葡京33182娱乐