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Address : No.2,Luhua Road,Boyan Science Park,Gaoxin District,Hefei
Postal Code : 231202
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Technical achievements



National high-tech enterprises
National CNAS laboratory
National intellectual property management standard enterprises
Second prize of the science and technology progress award of the ministry of education
First prize of Shanghai science and technology invention award
Green plants in the petroleum and chemical industries
Anhui province excellent enterprise technology center
Anhui province excellent engineering technology research center
Anhui engineering research center
Anhui postdoctoral research station
Anhui province innovative pilot enterprises
Anhui province intellectual property superiority enterprise
Anhui province digital workshop
Anhui province quality award
Hefei city brand demonstration enterprise
Hefei industrial design center



Innovation is the gene that was given at the moment our company was established.

Orinko realizes dreams through innovation and tracks global leading-edge technologies to develop high-performance green materials. We value R&D accumulation to propose more optimized solutions.
Our achievements come from continuous innovation, including automotive materials, home appliances materials, 3C materials to new energy, rail transit, military and other materials. We own advanced core technologies covering the fields of environmental protection, aesthetics, and lightweight materials R&D. 10-20 innovative products with the most market influence are introduced each year, contributing to lead the development trend of the industry.
We have undertaken dozens of national and provincial research projects and applied for hundreds of national invention patents. In addition, our company has won many national and provincial science and technology achievement awards.



Special national

In 2015, it received special support from the national development and reform commission for industrial revitalization and technological transformation-www.7966a.com


Honorary award

•The project of preparation and application of hybrid enhanced thermoplastic polymer composites won the second prize of science and technology progress of ministry of education
•The development project of multiphase collaborative modified polymer composite materials and products based on interface capacity increase won the first prize of Shanghai technical


•Modified plastics won anhui province quality award
•The high light free spraying alloy material is regarded as the best industrial product in anhui province
•orinko high-performance modified PP material is identified as anhui famous brand product

Intellectual property rights

•There are 23 patents authorized, of which 16 are invention


•Applied for and entered 140 patents for inventions, of which 72 were applied for invention patents in 2017
•Registered trademark: 会通, ORINKO, 会特丽, 会特净
•1 industry standard
•14 enterprise standards


The new product

•20 to 30 innovative products with market influence can be launched every year
•There are 11 provincial new products, 2 provincial high-tech products and 5 provincial scientific and technological achievements-澳门新葡京0329国际