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Address : No.2,Luhua Road,Boyan Science Park,Gaoxin District,Hefei
Postal Code : 231202
Tel : 0551-65770518 / 0551-65771661


Customer Service

Customer Service

◇ Networks layout:there are 15 offices nationwide and 30 sales outlets
◇ Span of management:one sales engineer takes responsibility for 1 or 2 main engine plants’ business process
◇ Response time:respond at any time,the sales engineer will get to the scene first time, and the technician will arrive within 24 hours


 Service Outlets    
• Hefei headquarters: Hefei and its
•Xiamen Office:Xiamen, Fuzhou
• Zhejiang Office:Ningbo, Hangzhou,
• Wuhan Office:Wuhan, Shiyan, etc.
• Qingdao Office:Qingdao, Jinan, Linyi, etc.
• Shanghai R&D Center and Office:Shanghai
• Shenzhen Office:Shenzhen, Guangzhou,
• Wuxi Office:Wuxi, Nanjing
• Tianjin Office:Tianjin, Beijing, etc.
• Huizhou Office:Huizhou and its
• Factory in Chongqing and office:Chongqing, Chengdu
• Wuhu Office:Wuhu and its surroundings
• Danyang Office::Suzhou, Changzhou,
• Baoding Office:Bbaoding, Handan
• Northeast Office:Changchun, Shenyang